Hello to all those folks who followed me to the new site!  I’ll put in an update soon…..

Check out my posts via the categories to the right or head on over to my blog spot to see the story of the building of the Chameleon pedal powered catamaran. This story will be continued under the Catamaran Blog heading

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Roof rack Part 1

This van will have a large heavy duty roof rack with the primary responsibility of carrying two boats. The first boat is a 16 foot long Hobie Adventure Island sailing trimaran kayak. This... READ MORE

Seat swivel

Finally got my seat swivels and they have been installed along with the lowered bases. Got these from Eurocamper and I have to say they were very easy to put in. The only... READ MORE

Shore power

After looking at all the usual ways of getting shore power into the van I decided to go with the idea of having a separate box under the rear bumper. This is not... READ MORE

Sound deadening

Bought a box of Kill Mat self sticking mat to take some of the vibration out of the steel panels. I waited until the weather was warmer but still needed more heat… Cleaned... READ MORE