Sound deadening

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Bought a box of Kill Mat self sticking mat to take some of the vibration out of the steel panels. I waited until the weather was warmer but still needed more heat… Cleaned up all the inside with alcohol and … Continued

Sliding door window

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#3 on the CR Laurence window installation list is the fixed window in the sliding door. There was not a vented window available at the time I ordered. I made a cardboard template and taped it to the outside of … Continued

Running boards

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I decided to add running boards to the vehicle to make it easier to get in and out. I also like symmetry so went with the full length on both sides. Normally this would make it easier to put things … Continued

Maxxair Vent

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Maxx Air vent   Since I will only have one window behind the driver that opens I decided to put in two roof vents, one powered, one not. I was not sure how much noise the fan would make so … Continued


So I spent hours searching for wraps, partial wraps, stripes etc and never did come up with something I really liked. As soon as I saw this kit I felt I could at least live with it until I come … Continued