Recumbent #1

I have been an avid supporter of human powered transportation for many years. As with many folks I got attached to my bicycle at an early age, and became detached from it on several occasions that are luckily not on video! After riding commercially produced bikes for decades I finally got around to designing and building my own, which got me into recumbent bikes. I’ve built a few and still have two that I am quite happy with.

My father has had a sea kayak for many years and I got my first one about 20 years ago. I was quite happy paddling that but was starting to think about building something of my own when I discovered the Human Powered Boat section of the HPVA (Human Powered Vehicle Association). There were all sorts of interesting boats and a few crazy ones too, but the propeller driven boats incorporating bicycle style components drew my interest.

I put up this site to show people what I am up to, and a few things not to do! Hope you find something of interest here…….