trailer hitch

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This is the Draw-tite model 75882 and has much more capacity for towing than I will ever use. However, I may use a platform in the hitch for carrying loads I don’t want inside and they can carry 500 pounds. … Continued

August musings

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I replaced the plastic shear bolts on the aka struts with stainless steel because I have read stories of them becoming fatigued and failing even without an impact. I am in the process of building hakas for the red boat … Continued

Hobie AI trailer

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Here we have a perfect application for the inappropriate use of PVC sewer pipe!! Thanks to those on the Hobie forum for the great ideas.   This is a small boat trailer that I bought a couple years ago to … Continued

AI plans

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Since leaving well enough alone has never really appealed to me I am going to list a few things that I plan to do to at least one of these boats. 1)  Construct and install at least one haka on … Continued

Float discussion

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So the plan is to use the Prindle 19 hulls as floats, or amas, for the trimaran. Some of the advantages to this are, nice smooth profile, no hard chines, very efficient shape and the option to use the centerboards … Continued