Ram Promaster Camper Van Conversion

Camper Van Conversion – The Beginning

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2018 Ram Promaster 2500, high roof, 159” wheelbase

A few words about this build…

I plan on converting this van into a camper that will sleep and transport three people on occasion but more commonly one or two. It will not have shower, grey water or black water tanks, or a water heater. It will have a large battery bank, chest fridge/freezer, bathroom, galley, bike storage, boat equipment storage, roof rack for boat/boats, some kind of awning, and maybe a bazooka.

I will use it for one season and re-evaluate.  The build process will be shown on gmrprojects.ca. in pictures and print. Videos will be used in areas where I feel I have some interesting or different approach but most of the changes I will make have already been thought up and detailed by others way ahead of me. If not for the generosity of these folks I might not attempt this at all! I will try and do as much of this as I can but I already know there will be tasks that I can’t do on my own. Some may even require professionals!

This process may not be linear, may not be pretty or may not be correct but it’s happening anyway!

A brand new van……..measure five times cut once….!

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