Cat drive units

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I am replacing the drive unit frames along with the main frame. I was able to remove the BB shells from the other frames because they were only tacked in but that won’t be possible next time! Of course this should be the last time…….right..? ┬áThere are two drive unit frames and two straight frames. This allows me to always have 3 supports for any decking I want to add. There will probably be two separate configurations for that.


IMG_20140131_150013[1] IMG_20140131_150036[1]




Still not entirely sure how I will keep these in place..the front end is going to be welded to a split piece of tube that will mate to the pipe on the main frame. At the back I have to decide if I want to be able to swap these quickly of if I want them to be a slightly more difficult for everyone, including those with ill intent!

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