Float discussion

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So the plan is to use the Prindle 19 hulls as floats, or amas, for the trimaran. Some of the advantages to this are, nice smooth profile, no hard chines, very efficient shape and the option to use the centerboards … Continued

Mechanical bits

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Here are some of the mechanical bits for the folding arm mechanisms…       The aluminum bars and washers were water jet cut and all the holes were left undersized so that I can drill them later. The rods … Continued

Scarab 650

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Well….I just purchased plans from Team Scarab for the Scarab 650 Sport. The plans appear to be very thorough and a lot of work so this will be a long process. Since I don’t have a proper place to work … Continued

Trimaran Beginnings

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This is the start of my next major project, a full sailing trimaran. Since I can only sit for so long it will also have some human power component. It may still require motorized assist and I will make provisions … Continued