Scarab 650

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Well….I just purchased plans from Team Scarab for the Scarab 650 Sport. The plans appear to be very thorough and a lot of work so this will be a long process. Since I don’t have a proper place to work … Continued

Trimaran Beginnings

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This is the start of my next major project, a full sailing trimaran. Since I can only sit for so long it will also have some human power component. It may still require motorized assist and I will make provisions … Continued

Chameleon continued

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I have started work on a new frame for the boat. This will have the same flexibility as the initial version as far as number of riders/pedalers and the locations. Two separate drive units which operate independently. The main frame … Continued

Monohulls so far…….

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The first boat building experience was back when I was quite young and I put together a plywood kayak from a kit. I don’t remember too much about the process but I ended up with a beautiful orange boat. It’s … Continued