Front Runner grille guard

This is the Front Runner Grille Guard from Steelcraft. I know there are legitimate concerns about the possibility of this being a damage multiplier and many people just plain don’t like them. Okay. I wanted one to mount lights on, give me a place to tie down the front of anything long on the roof, and give me a framework to add a heavy screen if I find myself travelling on gravel roads a lot.

This one came from Euro-campers and arrived intact. I would advise using ramps or a hoist to get the front of the van off the ground a bit.


you will need Torx ( sorry, forgot to look at the size) and 8mm hex for the vehicle grilles and splash guard,

15mm for the bumper bolts

10mm for the oil cooler brackets and upper support to guard bolts. (or allen key if you use those two screws there)

18mm for the lower guard bolts.

I had a bit of trouble getting the two awkward bumper bolts started but found it easiest to get them going using a standard socket with a three inch extension and reaching down from the front outside. The passenger side upper bracket needed an adjustment to the front hole but that could have been an alignment issue caused by me. I cut the splash guard on the passenger side with tin snips and that was it!

If you don’t have the oil cooler you will need to have two riv-nuts installed on the back of the steel bumper core and the photo shows the location. I was not certain on which holes I might have had to use when following their instructions.

If I can get through the summer without hitting anything I will take this apart in the garage over winter and look at a different method of mounting the upper brackets. Will get better pictures later…

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