Hobie AI PVC pipe cart

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This design was taken directly from a website  or blog for Palmetto Kayak Fishing. Nice of them to include a very detailed description and parts list!!


I modified it a bit of course but have yet to give it a real work out. The wheel/tire combo came from Canadian tire and uses a larger 5/8 shaft. I expect the wheel to rust so I will take them apart this winter and paint them. Will also knock out the bearings and replace them with plastic bushings. Using my new brain for this job meant forgetting to put the pool noodle segments on before gluing…..DOH…… Looks promising so far. Will need to add a ratchet strap. Still have not found anything to take the lettering off the white PVC. I tried PVC cleaner, lacquer thinner, GOO GONE, Methyl Hydrate, rubbing alchohol…..etc


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