Hobie AI winter projects

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There are two main problems that I want to address over the winter. The first is the matter of breaking drive cables. From reading forum posts it seems this is quite common and there is an expense and time delay to repairing or replacing parts. My cable broke from fatigue at the point where it comes out of the crimped threaded end. The other cables on my two drives are showing rust at this same point which indicates a likely failure in the future. My plan is to make my own cable/chain assemblies and renew them at the beginning of each year.  The chain section does not appear to be a wear problem. The crimped ends are not reusable so I need to find a way to reproduce them cheaply. Then I will need to either make a set of crimping jaws, or test out the practicality of using silver solder to attach the wire rope. The two limiting issues will be strength and corrosion.

The second issue to address is the sealing of the hatches. The front hatch is under water quite a bit on rough days and requires a new sealing method possibly combined with stronger bungees to increase the clamping force on the lid. The other hatch lid are sticking  so I need to find a clear silicone lubricant and be sure to keep the main seal and locking shaft seals well lubricated.

Other items to look at include making a comprehensive repair kit with parts and tools for the boat and drive system. Raising the sail height two inches by adding plastic extenders to the top of the mast. Looking at adding sail area to assist low wind performance downwind and improve up wind performance. The potential increase of ama size to increase flotation. Improvements to haka, installation of a proper marine chart plotter with at least 5″ screen size. Install anchor transfer system. Install camera pole on haka. Install chart holding system on haka.

Fabricate aluminum gear box for the trailer. Look further into seat improvements.

That should be a good start!



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