Maxxair Vent

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Maxx Air vent


Since I will only have one window behind the driver that opens I decided to put in two roof vents, one powered, one not. I was not sure how much noise the fan would make so I decided to put the Maxxair vent up front so it would not be right over my head. The second vent is just a cheap generic model and it is back almost as far as it can go on the roof. Looks like they will both clear the coming roof rack cross bars. I managed to find a flat spot to put the Maxxair but used a roof adapter for the other. Installation of the Maxair went well and even the sealing goop turned out quite nice! I scuffed the paint below the second vent with a scotchbrite pad and then used urathane to attach the adapter and putty between vent and adapter. This time the self leveling goop looks like hell….not warm enough out so I may try and clean it up later  🙂 Holes were cut with a jigsaw.




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