Reality check…… (alt posting)

Well… I did have big plans to build a Scarab 650 Sport trimaran but last June I had a major medical event which has reduced my capabilities a little. That plan is on indefinite hold for now, good thing I had just started making parts for it! The Prindle 19 that I purchased a couple years ago to use as a doner boat for sails, mast, and outriggers is up for sale.

So instead I decided to buy two used Hobie Adventure Island boats and play with them for the summer.

The boats came from a rental fleet that the owner was selling off. They are in remarkably good condition except for a cracked cross tube on one boat, looks like it may have been dropped. It may be repairable but it is cast aluminum and will likely get very soft if I try to get it welded. I’m waiting to find out what a replacement part would cost.

I built a beach cart from aluminum tubing and cheap plastic wheels from Princess Auto. This will plug into holes already in the boat and mimics a commercially produced product. I am also modifying the pedal boat (Chameleon) trailer to take both boats plus other conventional kayaks and a gear box for paddles, drive units, PFDs etc. I was going to put this on the top level but that may be a bit too high for reaching inside. Still looking at alternatives but it may be possible to have a 16 inch wide box on the side just above the fender.

The AI will rest on two 10 foot pieces of 4″ PVC sewer pipe held in position by wood blocks. All boats will slide on from the rear and I may put a set of removable rollers on the rear bar to make that easier. Will need to come up with cradles to properly support regular sea kayaks, especially plastic boats on hot sunny days.




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