Rear door windows


I purchased four C R Laurence windows from a local retailer, two fixed for the back doors, one fixed for the sliding door, and one with a vent for right behind the driver. I thought the rear door windows would be a better place to start because if I really screw up at worst I would need to by one door! I On the first door I drilled holes on the corners following the stamped inner skin as a guide. Then I decided to cut them out with a pneumatic body saw and the blades are small enough that I could go around the corners. Much better! One needs to have patience though because the saw stalls easily and does not really have enough power.I placed duct tape on the outside skin as I cut so that the panel would not fall when I was finished. This worked okay but gorilla tape is better.

When it came time to place the glass I decided to let the pros do this. I was not sure about primers and the weather was still too cold for doing this outside with urathane. They did a great job and I really like the way this turned out. And I went out and bought a rear view mirror!

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