Running boards

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I decided to add running boards to the vehicle to make it easier to get in and out. I also like symmetry so went with the full length on both sides. Normally this would make it easier to put things on the roof or manage stuff up there but the van is too tall! Luverne Grip Step seemed to be well liked so I chose the 7″ version. Steel brackets and aluminum platforms and maybe some stainless hardware. Installation is fairly straight forward…(I may still have it wrong) but I used their diagram to measure the location of the leading hole of each pair and I would not do that again. Since the platform does not care exactly where the bracket is, I would follow the written procedure for hole placement. I had several locations where I could not stand the bracket up vertically to install the upper fasteners into the body, which required some remediation….

The product is very sturdy once installed but I don’t recommend using them with bare feet!

If I was still living in Atlantic Canada I would probably would not chose this product because of the mounting method. Drilling though the pinch weld is a serious venture in an area where they use so much salt, but I am on the other coast and will not be driving this in the winter. And I will cross my fingers, that otta help.

That being said, I will be pulling out some of the body plugs and periodically rustproofing those areas that I feel concerned about. I will also go over all the fasteners and replace anything not stainless.

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