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Well….I just purchased plans from Team Scarab for the Scarab 650 Sport. The plans appear to be very thorough and a lot of work so this will be a long process. Since I don’t have a proper place to work on this I am going to focus on the laying out and cutting of all the parts. Today I am going to get the drawing files ready for the mechanical plates and pins for the folding aka mechanism. The plates and washers will be done with water jet and I will machine the pins myself. My pal Kevin has offered to do some of the wood cutting on his CNC router table which will be a tremendous help. I have not been through all the drawings yet to see which ones are already .dxf files but any that are not I will just draw them over again.

I had planned to build this from plywood and glass but I am going to buy some of the properĀ foam and experiment with that too. Might even do a combination of materials. I bought a Prindle 19 catamaranĀ last fall to use as a doner boat but I see that the amas for this boat are close to 21 feet, the same length as the main hull. I will have to think very carefully about the positioning and just make sure this is still an appropriate move.


Whole lotta drawing and cutting coming up!!!

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  1. Jim

    Hi,Just wondering how the Scarab 650 build is going? Sailing?I want to start a Sc 650 build in Canada soon….thanks…Jim

    • admin

      Unfortunately it’s not going anywhere. Medical event required full stop on this project. Trust you are having better luck!!

  2. Rick Pethoud

    Am wondering why the plates, etc., need to be done with water jet? My welder friend says I don’t, but you and Ray H. use it.

    I’m about a year into one, myself. Working on the cabin/deck currently. For the floats, am using a Mystere 6.0 catamaran with scoops added to the aft end(s) for extra length. The rig is also good for the 650.

    Good luck to you.

    Cedar Composites

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