Seat swivel

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Finally got my seat swivels and they have been installed along with the lowered bases. Got these from Eurocamper and I have to say they were very easy to put in. The only real challenge was that the three bolts holding on the parking brake assembly to the base were stripped out so I had to use vice grips to get them in and out. I did not have to remove the rear base bolts which it turns out I did not have a Torx bit to fit anyway! The base came off this bolt without a fight and the new base installed with a couple taps with a hammer and block of wood. The wiring all went through the hole in the center and I will be adding a stop to the base plate so that the seats can not be continuously rotated in one direction and wind them up and damage them. The plastic side trim from the factory seat base does not fit the new base and I will have a look at them some time to see if they can be modified. Low priority at this point.

I was hoping to be able to put a sleeping platform across the reversed seats but at first glance it appears there would not be enough length for that. Also looks as though a standard 24″ deep cabinet right behind the driver will be very much in the way of anyone’s legs who sits there. I will investigate a shallower or angled cabinet for this spot.

There is also the issue of the floor transition from driving area to cargo area. Long way to the floor when the seat is turned!! If I build a raised platform, how big do I make it? More to figure out of course….


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