Sliding door window

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#3 on the CR Laurence window installation list is the fixed window in the sliding door. There was not a vented window available at the time I ordered. I made a cardboard template and taped it to the outside of the door and took a enough measurements to convince me that I could in fact follow the body sheet metal on the inside. Before cutting I drilled a tiny hole through from the inside and it came out right on my line. Well it turns out the length and height and location of the hole were right but the corner radius was off a bit….I put the window in with marine adhesive so we will see what happens. The screws for the retaining ring are 3/4 inches long and this is too long if you are not going to sandwich a layer of wood between the window and the retaining ring. I had planned to use the pneumatic body saw for the corners and a cordless recip saw for the straight parts, but the recip blade speed was too slow and grabbed too easily. Took just a bit of attention with the flap disk on the grinder and the window went right in. After deburring and painting edges of course….

Installation was a two person job and cutting the hole was a very scary job!

The lesson here is to measure more and measure correctly…



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