Sound deadening

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Bought a box of Kill Mat self sticking mat to take some of the vibration out of the steel panels. I waited until the weather was warmer but still needed more heat… Cleaned up all the inside with alcohol and tried to cover a reasonable area. I read that 20% was enough coverage but I didn’t actually do any math. That capability was removed several years back….

I used a heat gun to warm up the mat for rolling and it made a huge difference. On the inside of the wheel wells though I just could not see myself doing the nice job that many others have done, and instead I laid on 6 coats of truck bed liner. These areas will be boxed in later and there will be some insulation between them and the inside to take out a bit more noise. One box of the mat and four cans of the bed liner will be just about right with a bit left to do some in the front doors at a later date. Picking up insulation tomorrow!

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