So I spent hours searching for wraps, partial wraps, stripes etc and never did come up with something I really liked. As soon as I saw this kit I felt I could at least live with it until I come up with something better. I didn’t want racing stripes because clearly this ain’t no racer, and I didn’t want the RV graphics common today. Pretty sure it made a slight difference to my fuel economy though….I’m not worried about stealth either becaus this will always have at least one boat on the roof.¬† This is from Street Race Graphics and is advertised for the Ducato. I took the kit to Wrapture Customs in Nanaimo to get it installed correctly. I’m still luke warm about the kit but the install looks good. I suspect the sales image¬† is PhotoShop altered to have black rims and be lowered front and back. I will be working on some of that but later in the build…. I did not notice the similarity¬† until after I got it home , but I put these graphics on a boat ten years ago….


Ram Promaster 2500 Camper Van Conversion

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